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Our core activity is providing project management services for residential and commercial building projects. Whether it be to provide a detailed Schedule of works to ensure equal tendering or a full project management service where we work from the architects design proposals, obtain statutory consents, prepare construction information, obtain competitive tenders for the work and administer a suitable form of building contract.

In addition we are able to provide feasibility studies, space planning and interior design, and landscaping design.






Schedule of Works

As with everything, it is important to start off correctly and our Schedule of Works will form the foundation on which the whole project will be based. Before going out to tender we will sit down with you and establish the scope of works and from this the Schedule of Works will be formed.

The Schedule of Works will provide a platform on which all tenders based. It will consist of a detailed breakdown of all the works and the contractor will be asked to price each section. Not only does this provide clarity to each tender, it also creates a "shopping list" where individual items can be altered to suit your budget.

Tender Analysis

With the priced Schedule of Works completed and returned by all contractors it is now possible to compare the tenders on a like for like basis.

The way our Schedule of Works is composed makes it possible to analyse each tender on an item by item basis. This not only provides clarity of the over all cost, this detailed information also provides a precise item cost which is important should any variations arise through the project.

Contract Administration

There are several industry specific standard contracts which can be used and selecting the correct contract will depend on the complexity of your project. The contract clearly sets out everyone's responsibility through the project - for example, insurance of the works, payment terms, defective workmanship, liquidation etc. Attached to the contract will be a full set of drawings, the priced Schedule of works and the contractors programme.





The Works

With the cost of the works confirmed and the Contractor selected, you are now ready for the exciting bit........the building works!!

At this stage we offer an on site service where regular site meetings are held to discuss any issues the contractor may foresee. At these meetings we will also monitor progress, quality, cost, and payment.

For the project to be successful it is important the contractor has good cash flow, but it is also important that they are not over paid for uncompleted works. We offer to carry out regular payment valuations for this reason.

With the housing market becoming ever more regulated it is essential you are provided with all the correct certificates, guarantees and warrantees. These are not only needed for Local Authority Building Control but they will also be needed if and when you decide to sell the property.